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Ecuador Climbing & Hiking.

The 157 peaks, 11 of which are over 5,000m, are what make Ecuador an ideal place for anyone looking for adventure, training for a race, or simply looking for a quiet spot to observe the world from above. Mountains are our passion and life at the heart of the company. Our team is made up of the best mountain guides who are trained to offer you the best experience the mountain has to offer that day. Cotopaxi (5,897m) is one of the most climbed volcanoes by locals and international travelers due to its emblematic characteristic..

Our guide Karl, not only has climbed Cotopaxi over 90 times and holds the speed record, but also has stories and knowledge to share about most mountains in and out of Ecuador.

Trust us, contact us, and you will see a country from an astounding perspective few get to see..

Metsovo Race - Ursa Trail

Welcome to the races Ursa Trail and The Tracks of the Bear.

Our aim was to design the path in order to bring the athletes through the habitat of the bear and also to raise the awareness of environmental protection and the prevention of extinction of the brown bear. The route passes from old paths that have been cleaned time and again with lots of volunteer work and can now be used not only by athletes on the day of the races but also by everyone for walking or hiking.

The total length of the races «Ursa Trail» and «The Tracks of the Bear» is 40km with 2700m total positive climb and 20km with 1050m total positive climb, respectively.

The route goes through some of the historical pathways and monuments of exceptional aesthetic and natural value in the region. The first part of Ultra Trail forms a number eight and lies east of Arachthos river in the region of Anilio while the second part, which is also the path of the small race, extends west of Arachthos in the area of Metsovo.